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Billboard showing the retreat of one of America's most prominent glaciers installed August 2011 inside Reagan National Airport in Washington DC

Scientific observations and readings worldwide show that climate change is real, it is happening now, it is unusually rapid, and that the primary cause is the accumulation of man-made greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The Del Mar Global Trust and World View of Global Warming bring this truth directly to the American public in the This Is Climate Change project. This rephotograph by Gary Braasch of an archival image is displayed in a giant back-lighted advertising panel for viewing by passengers at Reagan National airport as they arrive in Washington DC beginning August 30, 2011. Reagan airport hosts more than one and a half million business, government and tourist passengers a month.

The first pair of photographs shows how the famous Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska has retreated since around the turn of the 20th C. This display will be on view for a year, and more public locations are planned, some of the them using images first published in Earth Under Fire. For more information, see and

climate change


The power of Gary Braasch's personal witness to the climate crisis makes this essential reading for every citizen." —Al Gore

UN stamps

The United Nations issued an international postage stamp set and informational booklet about global warming, exclusively using photographs from Gary Braasch's book Earth Under Fire and his climate documentary project World View of Global Warming. Only rarely has a single photographer contributed all the images for the stamps and the booklet - in this case 30 photographs in all. The stamps, seen here on their First Day Covers, may be ordered at

vanity fair

Earth Under Fire is chosen one of Vanity Fair's "50 environmental books and DVDs to set you straight, from Darwin to Gore."

"This is a dramatically illustrated and fastidiously annotated survey of how climate change is altering the global ecosystem-from melting glaciers to animal migrations, to droughts-not to mention how it is affecting cities and societies. Photographer Gary Braasch, an Ansel Adams Award winner, and writer Bill McKibben (author of numerous books, including End of Nature and Deep Economy) go beyond the data of leading climate scientists and attempt to leverage information in the service of education. This may be the most deeply researched photo book of all time."

--Adam Spangler, Editor, Vanity Fair Green Guide

nature reports

Review by United Nations scientist Martin Parry in Nature Reports: Climate Change, March 2008

A novel view of a warming world

In the growing clamour over global warming, eye-witness accounts of a changing world stand out.

"Amidst the current rash of paperback
polemics on climate change, finding
a refreshing viewpoint can be a tough
challenge. Starting from his personal
photographic collection documenting the
impacts of a warming world, photojournalist
Gary Braasch rises to that challenge in Earth
under Fire. ..."

weather channel

Gary Braasch was featured on The Weather Channel in March 2008, with comments by their climate expert Heidi Cullen: "This book really brings it home. It takes you to the front lines of global warming..."

Congressional Record, August 4, 2007 (House):
"Mr. Chairman ... there is a lot of information out there about climate change. There is a lot of information about how it's going to affect the globe and how it's going to affect the United States. If there is any book that I have ever read with the written and pictorial word of that [it is] "Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World,'' [by] Gary Braasch.
-- Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R, Maryland) on the floor of the House during debate on the energy bill.

More Reviews:

"Earth Under Fire" -- Beautifully photographed and written book by Gary Braasch -- recommended on Ross Gelbspan's site
"It's a spectacular body of work!" Ross Gelbspan (7 January 2008)

"The pictures are truly eye-opening, especially the 150 year old images re-photographed, showing the alpine glaciers wasting away and the effects on communities and species. Looking at the changes already underway paints a staggering picture ... we may not truly believe what we've done to the planet until we actually see the results for ourselves."
"This book shows the ever-increasing signs and portents,and carries important messages from places where the results of climate change are being seen and where scientists are at work documenting them. Looking at what these changes mean and what we can do about them, the reader will realise the effects are spreading quickly, everyone will be affected and strong action must be taken."
----by Eleri Randall, pg 65, The Ecologist Dec-Jan 2008

"Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World, by Gary Braasch (University of California Press), is the best book on global warming I've read this year. Braasch is an intrepid and accomplished photographer who has spent years traveling to all parts of the world to document, in stunning images and well-researched accompanying text, how global warming is changing our planet NOW. Even global warming experts can learn from this book, but it's perfect for newcomers to the topic too.
-- Mark Hertsgaard, author of Earth Odyssey (14 December 2007, in

"It all adds up to a clearheaded, comprehensive look at the state of the science, and the planet. Braasch has also been on the job long enough to witness change himself: his pair of quietly shocking photographs of a house on Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, taken five years apart, dramatize the effects of the cape's eroding shoreline. Perhaps journalists from another decade, or another generation, will revisit these images; Earth under Fire may be not simply a book, but a benchmark."
-- Michelle Nijhuis, Orion Magazine, March/April 2008

" ...his pictures strikingly portray a transforming world and fix you with the truth about the effects of our energy habits. ... He presents the photographic evidence and provides a thoughtfully written counterpoint with discussions of the social, political and economic activities that cause environmental probems, ending on a call for mankind to recognize its responsibility and its duty to change itself, rather than the planet."
-- Jeremy Blow, Editor, Carbon Business magazine, Autumn 2007

"We need constant reminders of global warming. EARTH UNDER FIRE, by photographer-writer Gary Braasch, is a vivid and frightening one, but a positive rallying cry."
-- House and Garden Magazine, December 2007

"What surprised me about this book was not its rich photographic element, I was already familiar with the stunning landscape and wildlife imagery by Ansel Adams Award-winning photojournalist, Gary Braasch. No. What caught me more off balance was the depth of his research and reporting.
"Gary feels that humankind has strayed off course. He is equally convinced that we can make the corrections needed to ensure our survival, and those that share the planet with us. "The money, technology and skills exist in abundance, but we have yet to muster the needed will." He calls for heroes for a new world. Those that share his goal that, '... no purchase made, no machine designed or built, no land permitted, no product introduced, no law passed, no politician elected unless the action is a step forward to reduction and reversal of greenhouse gas.'"

-- Warren McLaren in Treehugger, 14 January 2008

"... a dense and ferociously comprehensive work."
--Montreal Gazette, November 24, 2007

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